What to Do With a Malfunctioning E Cig?

Most of us invest quite a bit of money in our electronic cigarettes and it can very vexing if the device stops working. There are a few simple checks that you can perform to make sure your ecig is working to its fullest capacity and that it is producing the kind of vaping experience that you have paid for. Essentially, the ecig itself is going to be producing smooth nicotine as well as non-nicotine vapor. If your ecig fails to do this right, this could be sure indication that something is wrong and that you need to open up the device and fix it.

Of course, the general goal of all e-cigs is to quit smoking cigarettes.  Right?

An electronic cigarette battery

Generally ecigs do encounter problems after a period of intense use and some parts may need to be replaced or fixed occasionally. Often the issue can be quite small and you won’t have to buy an entirely new starter kit. If you are sure your ecig isn’t performing up to the mark, the first thing you should do is screw on the battery contacts tighter. Also buy new batteries if your old ones are simply past their use by date. Secondly blow into the cartridge after separating it from the device. This will remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated in the device. Check the atomizer as well because it is a hub for dirt to gather up and clog the ecig.

Another check up that can be easily performed is to see if the LED light which is present in most ecigs is lighting up or not. If it is dim, then that can be an indication of an underlying mechanical problem. You will find that tapping the battery is also useful and if you are still not sure then you can inhale on the device harder and see if it is lighting up better or not. Atomizers are specifically important to the performance of an ecig so replace yours in a timely fashion to enhance the life of your ecig.

E Cigs: A Blessing for Smokers

Electronic cigarettes have come down to legion of tobacco addicts as nothing less than a blessing. Everybody who smokes knows its implications on their health but unfortunately couldn’t do much about it. The nature of regular cigarettes is so addictive that quitting on smoking is more of a challenge but not for those who have replaced regular cigarettes with electric ones. Smokers, who decided to pick their favorite brand of electronic cigarettes from reputable stores and online shops, have been able to enter back healthy lifestyles that also without giving up on nicotine. Earlier solutions like chewing gums, inhalers and even arm patches did not work and the same was being expected from e-cigarettes but the trendy device has proved its worth in a very short span of time.

In order to take the maximum benefit from electronic cigarettes, it is very important to give particular attention to their quality. A basic electronic cigarette is affixed with a microcomputer powered battery, an atomizer and an LED. As soon as a smoker inhales the device, the battery gets activated by the computer inside that further sends a signal to the cartridge or atomizer. On being prompted, the atomizer that contains liquid nicotine starts getting heated up producing a heavenly vapor. This vapor pacifies the nicotine urge of the individual without harming his body. Moreover, with electronic cigarettes you do not have to worry about your teeth going pale or any crawling smell like regular cigarettes leave. The device does not pump out any smoke, which makes gives you the permit to enjoy it even at non smoking zones. You will not have to waste the cigarette while entering a mall or restaurant as the smokeless cigarette can be enjoyed even around people. Thus all these pros make electronic cigarettes the perfect alternate for heavy smokers.

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E-Cigs Starter Kit – What’s Included?


Many people are curious about e-cigs because of the rumors that it is the best alternative for smokers. But of course you are here to know more about it, so here are some information to break the questions in your mind and be able to know of what includes when you purchase an e-cig starter kit.

Electronic cigarette is a device that can let the smokers do smoking in a healthier way. It is also known as e-cigs and it has different terms such as vaporizers so don’t be confused. Now with the use of battery, atomizer, e-liquid and cartridge, this electronic cigarette can produce the vapor that serves as the non-harmful smoke. Take note that you can control the vaporized liquid through pressing the button which is usually found at the middle part of your e-cig.

Get to know more with its parts and yes, these are the following things you get when you purchase an e-cig starter kit :

  1. Battery – the battery serves as the main source of power for the electronic cigarette to work, it helps the atomizer produce heat. Before I forget, don’t think that battery would last for long so charge your e-cigs before you plan to go anywhere.
  2. Charger – there will be charger included when your purchase any electronic device, so if you are planning to buy one make sure that you get its charger or ask if they include charger with your purchase. The charger is usually USB cable which is perfect for those who has handy gadgets with USB feature, you will be able to safely charge your e-cigs through connecting to your gadgets. You can also charge it inside your car or anywhere, as long as there is a USB connection. It is great to use e-cigs because you don’t have to worry when you go anywhere without any lighter with you, because you can always charge it anywhere.
  3. 505196337-copyCartridge – the cartridge serves as the storage of your e-liquid. It has different line levels to help you determine the amount of e-liquid you are going to pour. The size of the cartridge depends upon the e-cigarette that you have, so if you are going out for a long time and has small cartridge, then you should fill it up but not too full and don’t forget to bring a handy e-liquid refill.
  4. Atomizer – the atomizer is the part of your electronic cigarette that heats the e-liquid to produce vapor. Some e-cigs has featured their atomizer that is combined with the cartridge which they call as “cartomizer”.
  5. E-liquid – you will be able to choose from different fragrance, flavor and of course the nicotine level, so make sure that you get the right flavor and nicotine level you wish to use with your e-cig.

These are just the basic things that are included in starter kit, which you can usually pay starting from the price of $15 up to $350 depending on the starter kit you want to purchase.

Some may be highly priced because of the addition accessories that may be included such as e-cig pouch, batteries, e-juice or e-liquid, replacement clearomizer, carrying case, manual, beauty ring, metal case and etc. It would be best if you know what they include, so you can determine if you are paying the right price for anor electronic cigarette or not.

Another thing is that, if you need those included accessories for your starter e-cig kit. If not, then you can just choose those starter kit that includes the basics which is the e-cig itself and the charger. Don’t forget to purchase an e-liquid of your choice.